Using Zirconia for UCLA Abutments

UCLA Abutments


Why should you choose Zirconia?


          Technology is racing ahead faster then anyone could have predicted. If you get caught in the slow lane, it’s only a matter of time before you won’t be able to catch up. New materials are coming out every day it seems and new techniques must be used to fully integrate these materials to get the best of a particular product. PFM’s have been around for decades, they are tried and true, but there is a new material creeping into the market that has had a surprising success in today’s practices.


            Zirconia was at first, just used as frameworks, but now with the advancements in technology we are able to provide a highly aesthetic full contour zirconia crown. This was never thought possible even 5 years ago. There are no more gray circles on the occlusal table, no more paying for 4 pennyweights of gold on a molar, and there is no need to order parts.


            Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at the lab. By prescribing a UCLA Zirconia Crown you are offering the patient the best of both worlds, high aesthetics, lower cost, and a faster turnaround time. When prescribing a UCLA PFM the patient will end up with a grey circle where the screw channel is and if there is any chipping down the road even more grey will show through. With a UCLA Zirconia crown there will be no grey circle for the access channel because the only gray material is the interface where the crown engages the implant. Our cost to the patient is much lower because the is no need to order a part to cast in gold. The turnaround time is faster because no one has to wait on any parts to arrive and hope they aren’t back ordered or ordered the wrong part.


            In the table below is a price comparison between a Zirconia and PFM UCLA crown:



Zirconia                      PFM

Crown                                            $450                          $179

Implant Chg                                   $120                           $120

Gold                                               N/A                            $200

Parts                                              N/A                             $265

Total                                             $570                            $764

Zirconia – 5 day Turn around

PFM – 10 day Turn around