Diagnostic Wax Ups

AT Rutherford Dental Lab

At Rutherford Dental Lab we offer FREE Diagnostic Wax-Ups to you and your patients. Once a Diagnostic Wax-Up is prescribed, we would like discuss with you which smile guide and anatomy design is desired. After the discussion we will fabricate your Diagnostic Wax-Up and send the case back to your office. When your patient comes back for the final restorations and you send the case back to us to fabricate them, we will discount the Diagnostic Wax-Up free of charge from the final bill.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups are a valuable tool for any smile makeover. They give the patient an accurate preview of how their case will look. By creating a diagnostic wax up, the lab removes the desired amount of tooth structure from the preoperative model and the restoration is waxed onto the patient's prepped teeth from the model. A Diagnostic Wax-Up accurately shows the patient, dentist and lab technician what is realistically attainable for the patient. The Diagnostic Wax-Up also helps many patients determine what kinds of treatment are possible. Patients are able to compare their Diagnostic Wax-Up to their existing smile.

Multiple Unit Case Checklist

  • Full Arch Impression
  • Opposing Impression
  • Custom Shade
  • Stump Shade
  • Bite Registration
  • Facebow or Stick-Bite
  • Pre-op Model
  • Wax-Up
  • If opening bite: Verticle mm (CEJ to CEJ from tooth #8 or #9)
  • Length of centrals from cervical tissue
  • Smile Guide selection
  • Anatomy Guide selection
  • Photos of patient
  • Which type of articulator
Aida Anatomy


Dentist Wax Up

Free Diagnostic Wax Ups

Diagnostic Wax-Ups are a valuable tool for any smile makeover. They give the patient an accurate preview of their finished case will look. Check out the Smile guide and Anatomy Template here.

Screw retained zirconia

Custom Abutment & Screw Retained Restorations

Custom Implant Abutments are available in Titanium, Zirconia with Titanium Base and All-Zirconia to fit your patients’ individual needs. Custom Abutment Waranty Here.

Carestream CS 3500

With the CS 3500 intraoral scanner, practitioners can easily acquire precise true color, 2D and 3D digital impressions.