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PMMA Provisionals


With PMMA Provisionals, you can provide your patients with a beautiful smile as soon as you prepare their teeth. These splinted crowns and full-arch bridges restore lost vertical dimension and promote contoured healing for ovate pontics or anterior extractions. Indication for PMMA provisional splinted crowns and full-arch bridges are as follows: Cast-metal substructure is indicated when pontic span is greater than 3-units. Other indications include immediate smile makeovers, restoring lost vertical dimension, contoured healing for ovate pontics or anterior extractions, or in conjuction with perio treatment. PMMA temporaries are provisional crowns and bridges will last up to six months.

Carestream CS 3500

With the CS 3500 intraoral scanner, practitioners can easily acquire precise true color, 2D and 3D digital impressions.

Free Diagnostic Wax Ups

Diagnostic Wax-Ups are a valuable tool for any smile makeover. They give the patient an accurate preview of their finished case will look. Check out the Smile guide and Anatomy Template here.


Custom Abutment & Screw Retained Restorations

Custom Implant Abutments are available in Titanium, Zirconia with Titanium Base and All-Zirconia to fit your patients’ individual needs. Custom Abutment Waranty Here.

DD cubeX² - cubic zirconia system translucent like a lithium disilicate–strength like a zirconia



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