Wieland Select Hybrid

Zenotec® select hybrid is distinguished by its precision and productivity. The milling system combines
state-of-the-art five-axis simultaneous operation with the advantage of automated manufacture.


The 5-axis simultaneous milling protocol enables the reproduction of the most complex of shapes, even those featuring undercuts and different insertion directions. Consequently, the equipment has an extensive application spectrum. Zenotec Select Hybrid is distinguished by its precision and efficiency in the dry milling of a wide array of dental materials. Premium components and proven milling strategies in combination with a broad range of materials ensure top-quality, high-precision results. The Zenotec Select Hybrid has a repeatability value of ± 0.003 mm.



Marginal Integrity

The Zenotec Select Hybrid has a repeatabillity value of ± 0.003


The Zenotec Select Hybrid offers a wide range of materials. IPS Emax, PMMA Temporaries, and Translucent Zirconia.